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6pcs Wrench and Pliers Set

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Slip-resistant grips

The pliers in this 3 piece set comes equipped with a rubberized slip-resistant grip to stay in your hands. The machined jaws of the pliers also help grip items securely,. The hardened precision machined jaws reduce wear and increase durability.

Multi-use pliers and wrenches

Adjustable-width jaw designed for grasping and turning. This set is perfect for plumbing plumbing, automotive work and general applications.

Rust-resistant nickel finish and chrome plating

Constructed by chrome-vanadium steel for strength, chrome plated for durability and a nickel finish to ensure rust proofing.


Adjustable Wrench Size

 8-inches (203mm)

Slip Joint Pliers Size

6-inches (152mm)

Groove Joint Pliers

 10-inches (254mm)

Long Nose Pliers

 6-inches (152mm)

Combination Pliers 8-inches (203mm)
Diagonal Cutting Pliers 6-inches (152mm)